Transform Your Relationship

A one of a kind 1:1 relationship coaching program that'll take your love and sex life from a dull platonic friendship to full blown passion and deepfelt intimate love.

It was very easy to talk to and share my thoughts with Sutton. He put a spotlight on some important considerations in my relationship in a gentle way, and offered a different perspective. Thank you.


Do you feel lonely in your relationship?

Maybe you’ve wondered if you’re really with the right person.

… Or seriously considered splitting up because it feels like you’ve grown apart?

Are you missing the passion, the excitement, the deep connection you once had with your partner?

… Or starting to think there’s something wrong with you for never being “in the mood” anymore?

When you’re in a healthy relationship, you feel happy, content and deeply grateful. 

And you know your partner feels the same way. 

But…  when was the last time you felt that way?

It’s devastating to realise that your relationship is falling apart

… to feel your loved one slowly drifting away from you.

Things are not as you desperately wish they would be … 

and you have no idea how to fix them. 


You’ve asked yourself this question over and over again.

“Is this really how love is supposed to be in a long-term relationship?”

What happened to all the excitement?

The late night talks.

The “can’t wait for you to get home”

The can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you obsession. 

You want to be desired. Admired. And wanted by your partner.

And you want to feel that way about them too.

… But how can you get fired up when you’re feeling drained to your core?

You’re feeling inadequate, guilty and ashamed, rejected, lonely, regretful and alienated.

And as you look for ways to fulfil your need for intimacy and recognition, you find yourself engaging in activities that only make it all worse: 

Self-sabotaging, working too much or resorting to gambling or other vices.

You might even be thinking of leaving your partner or feel tempted to have an affair.

All of these behaviours are typical symptoms of a greater problem: that you’re ignoring your need to satisfy your most intimate desires.

Look, it's okay ...

What you’re experiencing is completely normal!

Every day I get tons of messages from people who are feeling like this:

“I can’t give her what she wants, and it makes me feel like a failure”

“I am not able to give my partner all that she desires. Every time she reaches out to me, I pull back. It’s been like that in past relationships as well. I feel like I’m falling into old patterns, and it’s breaking my heart. I really want to make our relationship work! We want the same thing, but I just can’t give it to her!”

“We live under the same roof, but we’re not lovers anymore”

“Even though my partner and I live under the same roof, we’ve completely disconnected. I feel invisible to him, and I’ve really started to resent him for it. Like I’m more his secretary than his wife… I often fantasize about leaving. But I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do… What if I regret it and feel even more lonely?”

“I miss feeling alive and being wanted”

“Over the years, my partner has become more of a friend than a lover. At first it was okay. I figured it was normal. But now I miss the desire and the excitement. I day-dream about it every day… And I feel sad about not having that intimate connection anymore. It’s like I’m missing a part of myself. I feel kinda lonely.”

Everybody has problems.

It’s okay to have problems.

BUT ...

It’s NOT okay to NOT do anything about it, and let it grow into an even bigger problem.

When you get that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, it’s your body trying to tell you that something needs to change.

Unfortunately, we often give up too soon on something that could’ve been very special.

Either we leave our partner for another – only to repeat the same pattern. 

Or we stick around in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling us anymore. 

That might even be doing us more harm than good.

Please don’t do that to yourself.

You deserve to experience love in all its beauty and glory.

There’s a lot you can do to get that exciting and passionate relationship you want and desire.

You just need to learn the right techniques that will help you navigate through the difficulties of your relationship, and get you moving in the right direction, towards a place of clarity, confidence and passionate love.

And you need someone who can gently guide you along the way.

I’ll teach you to use love as a tool to get more of what you want, so you can start enjoying a more exciting sex life and feeling more fulfilled overall in your relationship.

It’s time to change your love story – and this time you’ll be the one writing it.

It’s time to change your love story
– and this time you’ll be the one writing it.

Transform Your Relationship

My 1:1 signature coaching program for lovers who want to take their sex life from guilt, frustration and "I'm just not in the mood tonight" to love, passion, and "I want you right here, right now!"

Transform Your Relationship is the ultimate blend of relationship therapy, sexological counselling, and personal coaching. 

When you embark on this journey you become my highest priority. It will be an intense pilgrimage of epiphany, bridge building (to others and to your inner-self) and some hard work.

You’ll discover the deeply-rooted personal issues that are holding you back in your relationship

(either inherited from your parents during upbringing, or stemming from a traumatic event earlier in life, or a negative habit learned and reinforced gradually throughout your life thus far.) 

And you’ll learn how to tackle them, build on them, or walk away from them if necessary.   

Finally, you’ll come out of this journey with all the tools you need to make your love life flourish in all aspects of it. (Because everything in our relationship is interconnected: Sex. Emotions. Spirit.)


I like that Sutton not only sees the problems, but can identify the root cause of each issue and set the right priorities in the improvement process. I get a lot of attention during my sessions. I never feel alone anymore.


This pilgrimage will be personally tailored for your unique situation, the challenges you face and needs that you have.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Unlike most therapists and coaches, I don’t sell single sessions. Because – let’s be honest – you can’t expect to achieve any noteworthy results in just one session.

Transforming your relationship is a process, not a quick-fix. And bot you and I need to commit fully to that process.

When you sign up for coaching with me, you sign up to solve a problem – and to truly TRANSFORM your relationship, both to yourself and to your partner.

My goal is for you to leave this program with all the knowledge and tools you need to solve all futures problems in your relationship that may come up (because – let’s face it – life is a bumpy road).

I don’t deliver half solutions. When we’re done working together, you’ll never have to come back to me for more sessions.

(Although I’d love to hear from you – and I’ll only be an email away if you need any follow-up support!)

At the end of our discovery call, I’ll give you a fixed price tailored to your specific situation.

Included in that price you’ll get:

  • A tailored coaching plan designed just for you
  • All the sessions you need to succeed in dealing with your unique situation
  • 24/7 chat support between sessions
  • The option of bringing your partner with you for selected sessions
  • No hidden fees. No surprises.

To give you an idea of what your coaching experience could look like, here are some common topics we might want to dive into:

Learn how to communicate and receive love

Many times we feel misunderstood or overlooked because we don’t know how to communicate love. Gain clarity on you and your partner’s love language, so you can avoid misunderstandings, speak to each other instead of away from each other, and finally feel heard, seen, and understood.


Finally overcome traumas of the past 

Many of us let negative past experiences haunt us for way too long …. and potentially ruin our otherwise wonderful relationship. Learn how to finally let go of the past, so you can fully enjoy the present.


Let go of guilt and shame

Do you feel ashamed of your preferences? Or maybe you’ve done some things in the past that you are not particularly proud of. You shouldn’t bear this burden alone. It’s time to understand why you feel the way you feel, and then make space for letting go.


Connect to your spiritual self 

Living up to society’s standards can be tough. Especially if you feel like your preferences don’t fit the norm (what’s normal anyway???). Learn to be intuitively and unapologetically true to yourself without hurting your partner, but actually supporting them instead. 


Work through past loss and grief

Let go of grief by learning to embrace your feelings of loss, and maybe even feel grateful for the lesson learned. Give yourself permission to enjoy the present without being dragged down by past events.


Let go of anxiety and stop feeling pressure to perform in bed

The brain is our biggest and most influential sexual organ, but sometimes we really let it get in our way. We start overthinking and feeling anxious about what’s going to happen, and how things might go wrong. If you can relate to this, it’s time to learn the art of being in the moment (and enjoying it!)


Gain a better understanding of what drives human behaviour and feelings

So that you can connect with your partner from a place of empathy and love instead of anger, mistrust, jealousy and doubt. 


Free yourself from addictive behaviours

Drinking, smoking, watching porn, looking up old flames, texting with ex’s, cheating or burying yourself in work are all symptoms of something deeper. Learn how to tackle the root cause instead of resorting to distraction, and finally escape away from the controlling force that drives you to negative behaviours.


Discover how to get what you want

Work out what you REALLY want in life and in a relationship, and increase your chances of getting it – even if you think that sounds like mission impossible. I’ll teach you how to communicate your own needs and desires (and listen mindfully to your partner’s) without ending up in a fight.


Set healthy boundaries

Most people go into a relationship without ever considering what their personal boundaries are. But this is a risky strategy that is bound to break somebody’s heart at some point. If you often feel that your partner is walking all over you, it’s a sign that you need to revise and establish clearer boundaries.


Let go of the temptation to cheat

If you get a kick out of looking at old flings, hanging out on Tinder or looking at porn, and actually prefer this to being intimate with your partner, we have a problem. Often it’s a sign that you’re neglecting some of your basic needs – let’s look into that so you can reconnect with the person that really matters in your life.


Feel confident discussing sexual fantasies with your partner

Learn how to establish a sexual rapport with your partner, and how to create a safe, comfortable environment for talking about your fantasies. So neither of you feels awkward – or hurt. Instead of feeling frustrated, bored, conflicted, and sexually repressed, it’s time to be honest (in a respectful way of course!) so you can finally get what you desire.


Healthy negotiation in relationships

Avoid misunderstandings, confusion, anger, disappointment and arguments by learning how to talk ‘WITH’ your partner and not ‘TO’ your partner. Set boundaries and learn how to communicate lovingly – even when you feel like you’re being smothered.

The topics we decide to work on will depend entirely on your unique situation and needs.
I understand that your priorities may change throughout the program as you start getting to know yourself even better.
That’s why I don’t work with fixed coaching plans.
We will lay out an outline from the start, but I will tailor it to your needs and wishes as we progress.

Sutton is amazing. I learned so much and am constantly quoting and sharing lessons I’ve learned from him. I can’t think of a better coach for sex and relationships!  Much gratitude and appreciation.


Your investment

I'll be honest with you. The price of my program differs from person to person.

Because every situation is unique and some problems are more complex than others and will require a longer process.

At the end of our discovery call, I'll offer you a fixed price. And that price includes ALL THE SUPPORT YOU NEED to get the result you want.

That being said, I can tell you this much: It's probably going to be cheaper than what you pay for an engagement ring ... (which looks nice, but won’t solve any of your problems)

And it's DEFINITELY going to be cheaper than getting a divorce – if that's the alternative you're up against!

Is it worth the investment?

You tell me…

What is it worth to you to

  • Save your relationship (and family life) before the damage is too great, and it might be too late to save it?

  • Go from feeling guilt, frustration and “I’m just not in the mood tonight” to feeling deep love, mind-blowing (com)passion, and “I want you right here, right now!”?

  • Finally live a life full of fun, joy and deep intimacy?


If you’re still in doubt, please know that you’re always welcome to book a free discovery call. No strings attached.

I know it can feel risky to – not only invest in coaching – but also open up about the most intimate part of your life to a complete stranger.

That’s why I never charge for my discovery calls.

It shouldn’t be risky for you to start investing in yourself and in your relationship. There’s already TOO MUCH at stake, and hiring the wrong coach (one who doesn’t get you, and whom you don’t get along with) can be devastating and slow down your progress.

So I want us both to make sure we’re a good fit before you commit to this life-changing journey. I truly want the best for you – even if that means figuring out that I’m not the right coach for you.


Meet your coach

Sex & Relationship Coach Sutton Atkins

For the past 20 years, I’ve coached many people across the globe. Starting out in sports, then moving on to personal development and lifestyle coaching; today, I specialise in sex and relationship coaching for both monogamous and non-monogamous individuals.

I help you find a solution that meets your own needs, while also taking your partner’s needs into consideration. Many feel stuck in a rut when they come to me. For some, their worries seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Others are in the midst of a life crisis.

My role is to help you navigate your way through the situation you’re in, until you reach the other side. Because on the other side, there’s a life full of the happiness, desire and intimacy you’re craving. I will help you get there!

Today can be the start of a happy relationship
and a fantastic sex life

No matter how hopeless you think your situation is, know that you are not alone. Every day I help people who have the exact same feelings as you, and who are in similar situations to yours.

While it may seem impossible right now, let me assure you that it IS possible to have a happy relationship and a great sex life that perfectly meets your needs AND those of your partner. It doesn’t have to be “either, or”.

Book a free discovery call with me today and start your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

* the discovery call is 100% confidential and non-binding. If we discover that I’m not the best person to help you, I’ll refer you to someone who’s a better fit.